October 30, 2008

(Movie) News You Need to Know: State of Brotherly Love

"St. Paul's Dowdle brothers adopt Coens' formula for success"

I know I'm like a week late on this article, but hey, I was away. Colin Covert had an interesting profile and interview with Drew and John Erick Dowdle, the family filmmaking team behind the recent smash thriller Quarantine. As Colin notes, it appears there may be a new pair of Minnesotan brothers on the scene in Hollywood, this time from St. Paul and not St. Louis Park.

I didn't actually see Quarantine because I'm allergic to gory horror flicks, but after reading Colin's piece I have to admit I'm pretty intrigued by the idea of it, if only because it sounds like these guys really know what they're doing. I had heard positive buzz about their last feature, The Poughkeepsie Tapes, but never realized it was the same people, and never realized the movie was actually never released.

Anyway, the more interesting thing to me is the Coen similarity, not just in the filmmaking background but in the physical resemblance between John Erick Dowdle and Ethan Coen - check this:

In other Coens news, I sadly never made good on my plan to crash the set of A Serious Man. Although I know a few people who were in it, I was just too busy to make it out there and check out the scene. Ah well, it will still be cool to see local landmarks on screen next year.


  1. You're allergic to gory horror films? Me too! (Although I have enough scary movie-lovin' friends that I've seen a lot of them anyway.)

    We need to start some sort of aid organization to help filmgoers traumatized by torture porn.

  2. I used to be allergic to almonds but then one Halloween night I ate an Almond Joy while watching Suspiria. I was fine. I tried to eat one the next day while watching Steel Magnolias and I almost died. Not from the almond but because Shirley MacLaine is a laugh-a-minute.

  3. Say it, Sarah. We'll have to come up with a clever acronym...

    Ha, nice double feature with those two, Scott.

    You know you've just given me a polite excuse (allergy) to decline an Almond Joy or Mound or whatever they're called. Typically I make a disgusted face and end up offending the person who's chomping them down. Not anymore!

  4. You've failed us, Daniel. Our pipeline into the world of the Coens, empty and dry.

    But seriously...that is one freakish resemblance. Freakish, I say.

  5. Yeah believe it or not the Coens declined repeated calls for an exclusive interview. I'm kidding - they don't talk to anybody, do they?

    I have to suspect that John Erick Dowdle at least partly based his look from Ethan Coen. Had to have - look at that!


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