September 8, 2008

(Movie) News You Need to Know: Coens Continuation

*"In Twin Cities, Coen Brothers Shoot from the Heart"

Well, life continues to call; this move is taking its time - and my time as well. As I mentioned in my self-congratulatory post last week, I have lots on the way but can't get it out just yet. Thanks for your patience.)

In the meantime, the Twin Cities are soon to be abuzz with Coen fever. You know, the native sons who aren't as "native" anymore as much as Minnesotans like to claim? As I mentioned in that post, A Serious Man is to be filmed here starting, in fact, today, and continuing through November. Colin Covert, who had a few words to say on the Coen Brothers at that time, did me the favor of continuing the article with an update on their current production. Lots of interesting tidbits in there for locals, including some shooting locations. Chances are I'm going to get about as close to the action as you are, but I suppose stranger things have happened.

The article also includes the necessary mention of Fargo, the success of which ironically sent the brothers out of state for good. Fear not, self-conscious Minnesotans: Bob Graf, who produced all of the Coens' recent movies, told Covert, "If there were some people who felt Fargo was caricature, I don't think they'd feel that about this."

See you on set.


  1. I've been in a Coen brothers mood lately. I just re-watched THE LADYKILLERS again tonight, and found it just as entertaining and just as inconsequential as I remembered it. I also picked up FARGO (which I haven't seen in ages), and NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN (which I've seen several times) on DVD in the last week.

    I also want to watch the vastly underrated THE MAN WHO WASN'T THERE again, which I have on DVD but haven't watched all the way through since its original release.

    I guess I'm getting myself hyped up for BURN AFTER READING next week.

  2. Pictures! We need fuzzy cellphone pictures!

    Wow, I just looked at the IMDB page for A Serious Man, and I don't recognize any of the actors there. Are there any big names in the film? Any of their usual players?

  3. Matthew, I've skipped the last couple of Coen comedies (The Ladykillers and Intolerable Cruelty), so I'm curious about Burn After Reading, which I'm seeing on Thursday (how awesome if Joel and Ethan showed up to introduce it!).

    I also really need to see The Man Who Wasn't There again. I wonder if I could look past Scarlett Johansson (wow, 3 spelling tries) in it, though, now that she's somewhat overexposed in my mind.

    No Country, obviously, could be watched over and over and over.

    I need to start carrying my camera around with me, Evan. Good question about the actors. I only recognize Richard Kind from that IMDb list, and it looks like Fred Melamed has been a regular in Woody Allen's movies. Otherwise, according to Colin's article, 23 of the 39 speaking roles will be played by local Minnesotans, which despite being a very cool fact, also explains why the budget is expected to come in at under $20 million.

  4. The Man Who Wasn't There is my pick for the most grossly underappreciated Coen film.

    Evan, I've already pushed the Serious Man casting news out of my mind, but when it first came up I remember thinking "Hmm..they're going small. I like it." I love Clooney and Pitt, but those guys threaten to turn the movies into Clooney and Pitt movies instead of Coen movies.

  5. Sometimes I love your reasoning, Craig. Most of the time, actually. What a great point about Pitt and Clooney.

    These are really going to be some no-namers in A Serious Man, even among Minnesotans. Most of the cast members (and characters) are Jewish, bringing a much different flavor to the table than Fargo did.

  6. I am not a fan of THE MAN WHO WASN'T THERE at all, but I see this is not the thread to bring those kind of sentiments to.


  7. You're our inside Minnesotan man, Daniel.

    I'm happy to hear the Coens are "going small," like Craig says.

    Three Coen films in three years--unprecedented. I love it.

  8. This is the kind of thread to bring any kind of sentiments to, Sam.

    Yeah, Alexander - just hope they don't burn after shooting...

  9. "I love Clooney and Pitt, but those guys threaten to turn the movies into Clooney and Pitt movies instead of Coen movies."

    I dunno, Craig. I don't think that's possible. The Coens exert such fierce control over their films, and their characters are so specific, that I'm constantly aware that it is THEIR film and not the actors'.

  10. Gonna have to side with Craig still on that one, Evan. Those who know the Coens filmography can pull that card pretty easily, but your average person will see BaR as just another "George Clooney movie" like IntCru and O Brother. The same people would associate Bridges and Goodman to Lebowski and Cage to Raising Arizona. I think Fargo and No Country (to a lesser extent) were made that much better by their lack of major, massive A-listers like Clooney and Pitt.

    But of course, you've already seen BaR and I haven't, so I should reserve my judgment for a couple more days.


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