October 9, 2008

Reminder: League Registration Closes Tomorrow!

Twelve people have so far successfully conquered the online registration for the second season of the Getafilm Box Office Moguls League. There is still time to join! After tomorrow you will be locked out and forced to spend the season watching enviously from the sidelines. Your movie fandom is at stake!

Those people already in have no doubt lost sleep over the last week second-guessing their picks. Remember, you can change them whenever you want throughout the season - IF the movie you pick hasn't opened yet, and if you can afford it. I've already completely changed mine once. Keep in mind the price for each movie goes up as the release date nears. (This game is free, by the way - you're "given" $100 to invest.)

If you're not yet in, follow these "simple" rules. (I'm just pasting these from the last post):

1.) Register and create a Box Office Moguls (not Ultimate Movie Moguls) studio with a funny name. If you played last season you can just sign in and create a new studio.

2.) Join the existing private Box Office Moguls league named "Getafilm Season #2". You can search for it or I think you try from the league homepage here. The password is "getafilm". Pretty tricky. It's also the password for my offshore account.

3.) Instruct the next person you talk to in completing steps 1 and 2 at the nearest computer.

4.) Choose your "slate" of movies. You can choose up to 8, but each movie "costs" you an amount of money based on the projected success of its theater run. Huge blockbusters will cost you more and they'll make the most, but what if they bomb? And what if you choose a small, cheap independent film that slowly, gradually gains traction and becomes a massive box office success (hello, Juno)? Choose your slate now, but remember that you can change movies throughout the season as long as the movie you pick up hasn't been released anywhere yet.

5.) Tell everyone you know to go see and the movies you picked.

6.) Follow the success of each movie throughout the season.

7.) Forget to track the success of each movie throughout the season.

Talk trash on the league's message board.

Laugh at me when my indie sleeper pick opens in 63 theaters and then disappears after two weeks.

10.) Win an amazing grand prize. I can't say anything yet, but it may or may not involve a chance to announce the Best Picture winner at next year's Academy Awards ceremony.

For more information (including a very important tip) and to hear the chatter from those who have already joined, revisit the original announcement from last Friday.

Twelve people is fine and all, but come on, don't you people have any friends who like to play meaningless games? Get 'em in!

Good luck and thanks for playing!


  1. I hope I'm one of those 12 Daniel. I think I did what I was supposed to, but I didn't get any confirmation.

    All seems to be going quite well with this.

  2. Thanks, Sam. I actually sent you an email just this morning about it. Let me know if you didn't get it!

  3. I'm on board...this should be fun! :-)

  4. Great, Matt. I see Sam did get in now as well - nice! With the full lineup of Oscar favorites to boot!

  5. Let me give you my address for my prize...

  6. Tell you what - you definitely got off to the safest start! This weekend is huge. Will Body of Lies beat out Chihuahua AND The Express? Lots riding on the next few weeks. I'm banking on The Express to stick around for a couple months...

  7. Really? I don't see The Express making much more than 40 mil.

    My reliable source says BHC beats Body of Lies this week. And no, I'm not telling you who my source is.

  8. Hmm...interesting. Do you speak dog? :-P

    I guess I figure that it's football season (and has been advertised during every game, every week), it's getting decent reviews, and people are in the mood for an uplifting story these days - like seriously in the mood for an uplifting story. Football or Chihuahua.

    Or they can go see another violent war movie.

    As you can see from my review, I'm probably not going to be recommending everyone rush to the theater to see this one...and no, I'm not reviewing based on my picks!

  9. Dudehead, did you close registration already, I cant get in.

  10. I didn't realize I could do it, but changed it just for you, Beav...

  11. Have I been declared the winner yet?

  12. Not quite, pal - that honor goes to Fletch (blogcabins), who is sitting pretty with Chihuahua as it intimidates the other releases for the second week in a row. Unbelievable.

    You better get on your high horse to start promoting Bees this weekend. If W. tanks, so do I. Nick and Norah's is not going to carry me far enough, and with The Express fumbling this week, I'm entering a must-win weekend scenario. Could end up in a desperation drop of HSM in order to pick up some safer fare.

  13. G~

    Your lineup is so bad!!! I am speechless. You know that all political movies in the past 4 years have tanked. (Lions for Lambs, Stop-loss, The Kingdom, etc...) What a rookie!

  14. Anyone who rides Chihuahua to victory should be utterly ashamed.

  15. You're a foolio, Beav! I'll be fine after this weekend. People are in a political frenzy and they're in the mood to see a mysterious movie about Bush. And Frost/Nixon is primed for a pre-Oscar box office run, even if I do think it looks ridiculous.

    Actually I don't know if you were talking to me or "G", who picked Body of Lies, but either way I'm awesome.

    Playing it risky, are ya? Your two big ones on the same date against each other? Rookie! Plus 3 movies on the last weekend...oooh, dunno about that.

    Matt, Kathie expressed a similar sentiment on the league messageboard. She has asked for a show of hands for those who have seen the dog. Anybody? Seriously, if nobody has seen it, and nobody knows anyone who has seen it, how is it the #1 movie in America two weeks in a row?

  16. Shit... I am a rookie!

  17. Bees just blew away early projections. My march to the championship is now assured. :)

  18. Certainly a strong first choice, but remember Fletch is still riding on high on his only one so far, Chihuahua. The dog can't be stopped.

  19. And in one short weekend I have closed the gap on that damn dirty dog.

    Victory or Death!

  20. Yeah that's some weekend, Gamble. Looks like every American under the age of 18 was at the movies this weekend, either at High School Musical, Saw V, Chihuahua, and Max Payne.

    See but Fletch has Chihuhua AND HSM. You've narrowed the gap but he still has to be an early favorite. By the way...you might want to get rid of The Road from your lineup...

  21. Oh I'm holding onto it for 2 reasons.

    1) Because I still am convinced it will make its December opening.

    2) Because my victory will be so much sweeter when I do it with only 9 films.

  22. Aha...very interesting strategy.

    In other news, there's no way I can catch up to Fletch. I have two openings left! Here's hoping Australia pulls in $200 M Thanksgiving Day...


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