October 6, 2008

REVIEW: Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist (B+)

Do you think anyone will notice that we're not actually acting in this movie?

Find my review from the Star Tribune here. (My byline has been corrected here but, alas, it was too late here...but I'm over it!)

Writing - 9
Acting - 9
Production - 10
Emotional Impact - 8
Music - 5
Social Significance - 3

Total: 44/50= 88% = B+


  1. Uh...Colin Covert?

    NO, NO, NO...

    Did you bitch like hell to someone important????

    They've GOT TO CHANGE THAT, Danny boy.


    As I stated over at our lovely mutual friend CRAIG KENNEDY'S LIVING IN CINEMA, this was a wonderful review. Perfectly lovely and expressive.

    You have your first actual taste of big mainstream success. This is just the beginning.

    There will be so much more...

    Cheers to you, my Minnesota darling...

  2. Haha, thanks for your encouraging enthusiasm, Miranda, but it's actually Colin who I have to thank for the whole thing anyway. If only every city was lucky to have a critic as friendly as him. Everything was correct in the print editions, but I suppose it's worth seeking a correction from the editors for the online edition. I don't have grand expectations about where this will lead, so maybe I should make sure the one time I do get in is actually legit!

  3. All I can say Danny is congrats buddy, and I cant wait to see this movie already (mostly because of your take on it, so.)

  4. Thanks, Nick. I really think you're going to have fun with this movie, even if it lacks any deep insights.

  5. Wow, Colin - how you've aged.

    As you know, we came down along the same lines here. Congrats on the new gig (?). Details?

  6. Hehe, thanks, Fletch. Hardly a gig at all, actually - just a fill-in. Fortunately it wasn't an awful movie to take on this first time around.

    It was definitely a different experience writing without the security blanket of the blog, though, where I can easily reference other things and be a little bit looser in style. This was a good writing exercise.

  7. Congratulations, Daniel -- excellent review!!

    The whole review was great, but for some reason I especially loved your line:

    Cera has been faithfully doing his part to help Hollywood go "green" in recent years, having continually recycled the sarcastically sweet character he played in TV's short-lived "Arrested Development."

    Brilliant! As was the indeed sadly short-lived Arrested Development.

  8. Thanks again, Josh. That line has been popular alright, for whatever reason. Don't know how it came to me when I was writing this, but now I can never use it again!

  9. Congrats on the Star Trib get their Daniel. You also are the second reputable source say this film is pretty good, so I may eventually get around to watching it.

    Colin is a great guy and a blast to argue film with. Chris over at the PP is as well if you have never had the pleasure.

  10. get = gig

    My fingers must be especially phat today. :/

  11. One of these days I'll either quit Blogger or force them to install an "edit comment" feature. Until then, we all have to suffer through our typos.

    I have not chatted with Mr. Hewitt before, but I'll happily enter a debate with him about the 3 stars he gave to The Happening.

  12. Thanks, Sow. My name was corrected on the Strib website!

  13. I loved it Danny, really did. Just saw it this afternoon.

  14. Excellent, Nick. Obviously I'm on alert for your review.

    For the record, mine was unfortunately mis-bylined on the Strib website again. The editor apologized and explained the first one to me, and I'm not going make a bigger deal out of it this time. Fame and massive fortune elude me once again...

  15. "Fame and massive fortune elude me once again."

    Not for long, baby.



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