September 2, 2008

Celebrate Good Times

One year ago yesterday, the first post on Getafilm was released for public consumption. I had no idea what I was doing, or how long it would last, or how much time it would take, or even who would read it. Part of that has been clarified in the last year, part of it has not.

If you're reading this, and it's not your first time visiting, I sincerely thank you. It seems weird (see: narcissistic) to actually thank people for reading what I write, but in one way, you really are doing something for me: you're letting me know that I'm not the only one interested in taking the movie experience beyond the walls of the theater, and I guess I find some comfort in that fact. It's been encouraging to witness people actually chew over what they see on the screen and not just swallow it whole. It's the difference between chowing down fast food and savoring the flavors of exotic delicacies. Maybe that's a little much, and maybe I've blown my way past a number of these movies as well, but if I've in any way made you think, really think, about how a film that you've seen relates to your daily life, I would consider Getafilm a success. It's really that simple.

Some of you are bloggers, critics, or filmmakers, some of you are literal scholars of cinema, and some of you are just recreational movie buffs. Most of you are certainly friends, old and new, and according to the data I've had my interns slaving away on, you've found your way here from over 120 countries. Blows my mind.

That I've received visits from
Slovakia to Sudan to Sri Lanka doesn't really compute in my head (nor does the fact that I've actually met some of you in real life as a result of this), but it almost makes me emotional to think about a global film-loving community, as shown above.

Yep, "Kumbaya" - that's me.

I'm still finding my way as I go through this, and I'm not yet sure what will happen next, if anything. I've considered a redesign, I've considered a change in blogging platforms, I've considered a change in content, but for the time being about all I can handle is keeping up with watching and writing.

Speaking of which, it may be obvious that I've been busy elsewhere in life the last week or so, and I'm still in the middle of a residential move, so my blogging energy and time is temporarily limited. It isn't the first time, and it definitely won't be the last, but I accept the fact (and I hope you all do, too) that getting a post up is sometimes not one of life's highest priorities, even when celebrating an occasion such as this.

I do still plan on posting (and postdating...) the Underrated MOTM for August, and I have a number of new post features that I plan on starting this month. I'll also be "unveiling" my new review format with my write-up on Transsiberian later this week, and taking part in some blog-a-thons and community blogging series with some of the amazing people who manage the sites listed to the left. Check them out if you haven't before.

Seriously, like right now.

Getafilm has grown in ways that I didn't even know it could a year ago, and let me just say again that you've been as much a part of that as me. Trust me (and I know I speak on behalf of all bloggers when I say this), this would not be anywhere near as enjoyable, and I would not have anywhere near as much motivation to continue doing it, were it not for the fact that I know you are reading and contributing to it as well.

As you can see from my release calendar on the left, we have many movies to watch and think about as Oscar season begins. Obviously, I hope you come you back here frequently and share what scenes, moments, or movies resonated with you. If they differ from mine, well so much the better, and if you'd rather not comment (and the majority of you haven't commented, which is just fine), well I'm glad you're checking in anyway. Just never feel like your comments here are unwelcome or inadequate in some way. I've felt like that at some places, but believe me, I can speak from this side of the computer and say that's a ridiculous thought: if you feel like you have something to say, I'd love to hear it.

Alright, I think I've given you enough to read for today. Time for you to make your way to the nearest theater...


  1. Congratulations on 1 year, Daniel. I tip my hat to you, sir. I see from your sidebar that you've managed 237 posts in that time, and not just throwaway posts - thoughtful, well-written, engaging posts.

    There's plenty of talk about the "death" of oldschool criticism, or at least criticism as a profession. Whatever. I'm not on their side of the fence and am obviously biased, but the reason the paradigm is shifting is because people like yourself pour out intense amounts of passion and eloquence for absolutely no money. It's startling when you think about it, and exciting to be on the front wave of that change.

    More power to the bloggers, I say, and more power to Getafilm. Keep doing what you're doing, man. We'll keep reading.

  2. Happy 1st Birthday, Getafilm! Your insightful posts are always a pleasure to read, Daniel.

  3. What a magnificent post,one that celebrates sportsmanship, comraderie and the spirit of common passion. I have come across a number of fine people since I began blogging, but without even meeting you I can say that you are a class act--a young man who revels in what he enjoys, and has the rare ability to make people feel good whatever you say, wherever you go, whatever you do.
    Here a toast to the community called Getafilm--one of the net's true shining lights, and to its effervescent founder, everybody's favorite guy, Dan Getahaun.

  4. Well, I don't know what to say. But I'll give it a go anyway.

    I think I only began dropping by after I started the site last March. I went back and posted in all the interesting threads (and there were A LOT of them) right up until the Christmas season.

    I didn't go all the way back - so I never read your first official statement.

    You're so modest and sincere, Danny. Your kind heart and your overwhelming decency shine through.

    This is why everyone here adores you, especially the two other stars in our magnificently shimmering galaxy, Mr. CRAIG KENNEDY of LIVING IN CINEMA and MR. NICKY PLOWMAN of GETAFILM.

    Well, I've had one hell of a time since I've been here. Lots of fascinating discussions with various cool people concerning the most excellent topics and fabulous films imaginable.

    Could I have lived without GETAFILM?

    I suppose. But it wouldn't have been nearly as much fun.

    *raises glass*

    So here's to the first anniversary of the marvelous and perpetually fascinating GETAFILM - made all the more wondrous by our charming and literate host, Danny G.

    Long may it reign.

    And here's to many, MANY MORE....

  5. *Ahem*

    There are no clean getaways. Are there...?

    That should be MR. NICKY PLOWMAN of FATACULTURE.

    Of course...

  6. Congratulations on your first year Daniel! Happy blogoversary and many happy returns!

  7. Seems like more than a year, doesn't it? Here's to ten more.

  8. Conguratulations on completing the first year of your thoughtful, intelligent blog. I've particularly appreciated your focus on world cinema and documentaries, and I've learned a lot and been challenged by what you've written.

    Looking forward to another great year worth of post from you!

  9. I don't really know what to say here. I'd be lying if I said I didn't really appreciate all of your kind words, but it's all too much - as usual!

    Evan, you beat me to a count. I didn't even realize where I was after I celebrated at 100 (and full disclosure, a few of those are my friend Matt's, who, if he's reading this, should feel seriously obliged to write more). Your thoughts on the passion driving all of us are right on. I have to correct you, though: I think I've made like a dollar or two in ad revenue during this time...

    I always appreciate your visits, Rachel. Your thoughts are well-reasoned and you seem to pick up on things in some movies that nobody else does!

    Sam, a response to your poetry would be ugly coming from me. All I can say is thank you so much, and the feelings are mutual. You're a beacon to all of us who hope to keep this passion alive as we journey through life and family.

    Miranda, it's been a unique pleasure getting to know you, unique in that I've met few people with your intelligence, wit, passion, confidence, and talent. I only wish I could keep pace with all of your posts! Please keep it up - I promise I'll do my best.

    Hmm, Nick writing over here? If I could be so lucky.

    Thank you, Matthew. I appreciate that, coming from someone who, just out of college, has already established themselves as a legitimate critic. Best of luck to you as well.

    Fletch, well, let's just say that whenever I found Blog Cabins (and then LAMB), everything changed. Thanking you isn't enough in that regard - I basically have to give you credit for keeping this thing going.

    Thank you very much, Pat. What you've said really, truly means a lot to me. Gives me motivation to keep writing down the things bouncing around in my head.

    Thanks also to everybody, my friends and family, who continue to read this regularly. Your comments "offline" have been just as appreciated as these.

  10. I'll keep it simple...

    I like blogs that you can rely on for fresh material/updates, and Getafilm is one of those sites. Your hard-work and prolific posting is to be admired.

    To be honest, I thought you'd been at this longer. If it's only been a year, I can only imagine how great this site will be in five.


  11. Thanks a lot, Fox. I'm glad you've found your way here in recent months and I hope you continue to add your thoughts over here. I'm surprised myself at the time, as both you and Fletch mention. It does feel like quite a while has gone by...

  12. Congrats on the one year mark...having just passed the 365-pole myself, I know what a swell feeling it is!

    Keep the writing coming and here's to your second year!

  13. I was debating seriously on doing this in private.

    But I imagine it's acceptable to discuss it here.

    Danny, thank you for one of the most beautiful heartfelt compliments I have ever received. I will never forget that you said that.

    You are an absolute treasure, my darling.

    *raises eyebrow over emerald green eyes*

    And I didn't even have to pay you...

  14. Congrats on your first year, Daniel, many happy returns.

  15. Congratulations on hitting the one year mark. Don't worry, you don't come off narcissistic. If you said, "You're welcome" instead of "thank you" then we might have to talk.

  16. Congrats Daniel! Keep writing and I'll keep reading. It's encouraging to have someone of your spirit and energy in the blogosphere and in the Twin Cities!

  17. Congratulations, sir! I just celebrated one month and told people thanks, so I'd say you're completely within your rights to say thanks after one whole year. Ha ha. Kudos, again.

    I have to agree with Evan up top - your quality and quantity are remarkable (and enviable). The unfortunate thing about blogs is that so many of the great ones are lumped together with the not-so great; but you've managed to run a great blog by posting regularly and passionately. You are obviously among the group of people who do it because they love it (or do it because they can't help but do anything else). I'm of the mind it's okay for a writer to be proud if your readers are, and certainly just scrolling through the comments, you can't beat this lot of folks.

  18. Thanks, Hatter. Glad to make another Canadian friend in recent months. Have fun at TIFF!

    Haha, got it, Scott - an extremely important distinction. Thanks for hanging out here.

    Kathie, it's just practice until we get the goat up! I'm glad you, Nayana, Matt Gamble and others are also local film lovers.

    T.S., I did see that in my reader and still need to formally offer my congratulations. I'm glad to have you as a new addition here and hope the posse around here makes their way to Screen Savour as well. You're WAY ahead of where I was after a month!

  19. Congrats! I've enjoyed this blog ever since you joined the LAMB. So when do we finally get together for a cold one? :-)

  20. Fashionably late to the party as always...

    Congratulations Mr. Getahun on your first year in business. Though I haven't been here since the beginning, it's been a pleasure getting to know you (and meet you in the flesh) and to share our common enthusiasm for movies.

    You're a positive oasis in a sea of online bitterness and snark and you keep getting better and better. You're one of the good guys who makes the Internet a better place and I wish you continued success.

    Keep up the good work!

  21. Truly awesome, Daniel. As Craig says, you're certainly one of the "good guys"--you've helped me in many ways in the development of my own blog, both with technical details and with broader inspiration.

    Getting into the groove of trying to visit Getafilm almost daily has been one of the more rewarding online experiences of the past six months or so for myself.

    Congratulations on one full year, Daniel. Happy Birthday, Getafilm.

  22. Soon, Nayana - once I get my life/move/work back in working order. I'm glad we connected through LAMB as well!

    Thank you very much, Craig. You know I could repeat all of that right back to you. LiC has been a pretty amazing success, and much of what I've done well here is in part because of what I've learned there.

    It's been my pleasure and my benefit to have you over here, Alexander. Your academic background in film adds some credibility to these discussions (not to take anything away from the rest of you scholars)! But even when the discussion is not related to film, your interests allow for all kinds of conversations. If only I could post everyday to justify people visiting everyday! I'm happy to help CCC as it grows in its first year now as well.

  23. Daniel - I'm a little late to this party because, I don't know, I feel kind of private about stuff like this (I have no idea when I passed one year). But you're a great film blogger with excellently written pieces and interesting choices of mainly newer films. That's something I need since I don't go out to the cineplexes too much. I rely on you to tell me what is worth seeing and what is not. And you're a nice guy who seems genuinely interested in learning all you can about this mutual enthusiasm of ours.

    Congratulations, and many more years of hot blogging!

  24. DUDE. I have no idea how this post slipped past me! I’m sorry man, I suck.

    I guess I too want to say a huge congrats to you and your blog, a full year? That’s no easy feat, and you have built it all from the ground up pouring endless amounts of infectious enthusiasm and affirmative originality and optimism into a place that I can easily call one of my homes away from home. You’ve supported me through thick and thin, and I owe a lot to you. Obviously, Getafilm will grow from strength to strength, how could it not with a talented proprietor like you controlling it? I wish you all the best for the future, and am so glad to be a part a community that would far less than what it is if you and your blog were not in it.

    You rock Danny, don’t ever forget that :)

  25. You guys aren't late - as you can see, I've been doing little in the meantime! But I obviously appreciate both of your well wishes.

    Marilyn, it seems strange that I only became familiar with you and FoF just a few months ago - just goes to show how substantive your comments and your own posts have been in that time. I'm honored that you make time to visit here, especially knowing how many other places you've left your footprint! Thanks for really letting your honest thoughts out here as well - it always makes for the best and most memorable discussions.

    Nick, I'm going to hold you to all of that when I need you to help me get a job in 10 years: "I was endorsement by Nick Plowman." Or maybe you'll have some nickname by then. Then I'll use that.

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