September 18, 2008

Perfect Song, Perfect Scene #3

Final scene, Rushmore (1998): "Ooh La La" by The Faces


  1. Love him or hate him, Anderson is a soundtrack master.

  2. Totally agree with Craig's comments above.

    Whilst each new Anderson film disappears into the land of the twee, Rushmore continues to stand as the man's greatest work.

    Indeed, it's the perfect scene and one that reminds me how much I love this film. Good choice.

  3. loveLoveLOVE the way he's able to continually pick the perfect song for the slow-mo finale.

    This has become onoe of my all-time favorite Monday morning songs.

    Good call!

  4. Obviously I agree with all of you regarding this clip, but Ibetolis gets the prize for crowning Rushmore atop the others. Ten years later, and just by watching this scene I can relive the whole thing and remember all the reasons I loved this movie. Talk about "That's How You Open a Movie", Ibetolis? This is how you close one.

    Hatter, the slow-mo is really what makes it work, I think. Not that it's not a brilliant choice of song anyway.

    I guess I could have chosen any scene and any song from his movies, but some of my other favorites probably would have come from Rushmore anyway, like this one.

    I haven't gone out of my way to get the soundtrack for anything after Tenenbaums. Have I missed anything?

  5. Thanks for the tag! Too right about the ending, you almost feel like standing up and applauding.

    As for the soundtracks after Tenebaums, I totally smitten (with the music, not the film) by Steve Zissou.

    Seu Jorge covering Bowie songs in Portuguese is always a winner.

    Not forgetting 'The Stooges - Search and Destroy', Bill Murray and invading Pirates. Now, that's a perfect scene.

  6. OMG, I loooove this scene.

    "Rushmore" is one of my favorite movies (probably my favorite Wes Anderson movie) and if I'm not smiling widely by the time Max and Margaret step out onto the dance floor, something is seriously wrong.

    Makes me happy every time.

  7. Unbelievable! Rushmore happens to be on TV right now. I'm now remembering this to truly be one of my favorite movies. Forgot about some of these characters.

    I ought to give that soundtrack a chance, Ibetolis. Zissou really disappointed me; maybe I should give that another chance, too.

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting, Sarah! I can relate to exactly what you're saying in real time right now.

    Turns out EVERY song is perfect for it's scene. Exhibit A, B, C, etc. Also have to recognize Mark Mothersbaugh for an amazing score complementing the soundtrack.

    Nobody's mentioned Bottle Rocket yet, but The Proclaimer's "Over and Done With" is also a legendary soundtrack selection. Legendary.

  8. Alright this is ridiculous. The Life Aquatic is now also on TV. I don't even have a premium cable package with movie channels, either.

    Pretty decent music too, Ibetolis, like you said.

    Still, the same thing is happening like it does when I watch most Wes Anderson films. I sit here and wish I was watching Rushmore again instead.

  9. "Love him or hate him, Anderson is a soundtrack master."

    Craig said it best.

  10. I don't know how anybody could hate him. Even if I didn't like Zissou or Darjeeling, it would take about 15 bad movies to equal out Rushmore.

    I think one reason I like Rushmore the most is because it seems it's when he hit his stride. More stylish than Bottle Rocket but still more fresh than anything that's followed.

  11. Um, there's nothing left to add.

    I heart the soundtracks for Rushmore and Tenenbaums so much. There's not a bad song on either, and almost all are TREEmendous songs. The only issue is the songs missing from each (coughStonescough), and I'm not even that big of a Stones fan.

  12. I know, Fletch. "I Am Waiting" is definitely one of the top few from Rushmore. I got it separately from the soundtrack, but yeah, I don't know what the details were for its omission on the original. Didn't they know they would be contributing to a classic movie?


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