September 1, 2007


Why have I created this, my first blog?

I really don't know.

I guess the time was just right. The official beginning of yet another Oscar season. Increasing requests from people about what they should see. Increasing instances of me telling people what they should see when they haven't asked. My annual Oscar email threatening inbox storage limits.

Maybe most importantly, to provide myself with some structure for the first time in critiquing film. I'm certainly not making a career out of it, but if it's going to be a hobby that takes as much time and money as it is already, why not organize my thoughts a little better? Besides, I enjoy discussing movies and the film industry, and this will keep a record for me to look back on and see how my taste in movies evolves, and how it's influenced by yours.

Please post and comment profusely, since I'll eventually get sick of reading my own words. Thank you.

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