February 15, 2008

A Trip to the Zoo: LAMBS and Muriels

On the way to the Kodak Theater on February 24th, why not make a stop at the zoo? There are a couple of current blog happenings worth checking out:

The brainchild of Dylan at Blog Cabins, LAMB is the Large Association of Movie Blogs, a community of 40+ movie bloggers from around the world. Over the last few weeks, each LAMB member has tackled one Oscar category to analyze. Mine, for Best Documentary Feature, happens to be up today, but definitely check out the previous categories and the rest of the LAMBs as well (see scroll box in the sidebar). There's also an Oscar pool if you're feelin' lucky.

The Muriels:

Craig Kennedy at Living in Cinema is one of 20 movie bloggers who took part in voting for the second annual Muriel Awards. From February 13th-29th, enjoy the winners in numerous "Best of 2007" categories, including several non-Oscar categories and some anniversary awards as well. Think of it as the bizarro Oscars, with better categories and a cuter mascot.

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