February 4, 2008

Oscar Luncheon 2008

I ran across this photo from today's Oscar luncheon on the consistently cool Alt Film Guide. I always like seeing these, and this large resolution shot is pretty entertaining to pan through. Click on the picture to see enlarged at the AFG site:

I could look up all the non-acting nominees and pretend like I know make-up artists from each other, but I won't. Some observations:

- How many cameras were there - wasn't there just one main photographer? Why is everyone looking in a different direction? Was there a crowd of people all saying "Here!"?

- Laura Linney looks great/glamorous. Probably because she didn't look so great/glamorous in
The Savages.

- It's awesome to see Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova in that group. Seriously.

- Javier Bardem has probably had that facial expression since
No Country for Old Men wrapped and he saw the final dailies that assured his Oscar win.

- How many white guys with horn-rimmed glasses can you find?

- How many white guys are there?...!

- Viggo Mortensen - uh...um...isn't that what you were wearing at the SAG awards last week? Umm...

- Third row up, fourth from the left = !?

- Where are all the big names? (Day-Lewis, Hoffman, Depp, Wilkinson, Ryan, Swinton, Blanchett, Jones) Actually, Cate Blanchett could be in there - that could even be her, fourth row up, tenth from the left.

- Marion Cotillard just looks so...French.

- You're not fooling me, Jason Reitman. You still don't belong. And you still look like Jason Lee.

- Did Emile Hirsch and Sean Penn step outside for a cigarette and miss the picture? Oh wait...shoot...

- Look, Hal Holbrook brought his great-great-great-granddaughter to the luncheon. That's sweet.

- Ethan Coen: "Hey, you ready to get out of here?" Joel Coen: "Ugh, totally."

- Yeah, George Clooney, you're cool, we all get it - so is it really necessary to smirk and fold your arms?

- Second row up, on the right end (standing behind ...uh...) = security, usher, or nominee?

- Julie Christie pulls off classy in leopard print. Is that possible?

- WHO is on the left of Ruby Dee? My gosh, it better be for lifetime achievement...

- Shouldn't the nominees for Best Makeup stand out a little? Shouldn't they prevent some other people from standing out, then, like third row up on the left end?

- Oh, Michael Moore, you're so...something that only you are.

- Who are the Best Costume Design nominees? They should be wearing the costumes from their respective movie. Or better yet, how about back to Best Makeup again? The nominees for Norbit could add some life to this picture.

- Find him yet? The guy walking along Wilshire Blvd. who just snuck up on the back riser? Back row, 8th from the right. What a cool prank and cool guy.


  1. "You're not fooling me, Jason Reitman." Ahahahaha. He looks like he knows it too.

    Did someone forget to tell Peter O'Toole that he was nominated last year? Why is he sitting next to Ruby Dee...?

  2. Oh my, is that him? I thought he looked familiar.

    Like I say, maybe a lifetime achievement? Last year was probably his last chance. Yikes.

  3. I realize that this is off topic Daniel, but I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for dropping by Rick's DVD Picks today and welcoming me to Lamb. Very cool gesture.

  4. I'm going to have scary dreams about third-row-up-fourth-from-left guy.

  5. - Rick, you're welcome. Just spreading the LAMB love.

    - Nayana, I apologize for the nightmares. Strange look he's giving, isn't it? Well he's been nominated for something, so good for him I guess! He can make any face he wants. Maybe we'll see him make an acceptance speech...


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