January 17, 2008

Sundance 2008

The 2008 Sundance Film Festival kicks off today in Park City, UT. Noticeably absent this year is me. Like every year. Actually I think it would be a bit of an overload, so I'll just wait and see what filters out into wide release throughout the year.

After a very quick glimpse at the lineup in the Dramatic competition (only American made, not including documentaries), here are the ones that sound interesting to me.
There's no way I'll ever see all of these, since there's no way all of them will get picked up for distribution, but if I were attending I would probably mark them in my program:

American Son
Assassination of a High School President
Be Kind Rewind (already is on the way)
Birds of America
Blind Date
Diminished Capacity
Frozen River
Great Buck Howard
In Bruges (already on the way)
Last Word
Momma's Man
Mysteries of Pittsburgh
North Starr
Quid Pro Quo
Pretty Bird
Sleep Dealer
What Just Happened?

Who knows? One of them could get picked up and carried all the way to the Oscars in 2009, which seems to be a trend these days since studios are churning out "independent" releases in record numbers.


  1. Who are all the numbnuts voting for Zodiac for the Best Picture bubble? And why is that even an option? It was a good movie but, in my opinion, not Oscars worthy. I thought Getafilm would have a little more of a knowledgeable following. What gives?

  2. Get with the program, Beav! It's a long shot, but it's creepin'...


  3. Get with the program? Quit defending your audience Daniel! You know as well as I do that it shouldn't be considered. If any multiplex movie should be considered it should be Clayton, although I know you will disagree with me there....


  4. Uggh, you're absolutely right I'll disagree with you, though you're telling what I think will be a sad truth on Tuesday morning.

    Why don't you choose an identity!? :-P


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