January 4, 2008

How to Use Labels and/or Find Reviews

Because this feature isn't immediately obvious, I thought I should point it out. Ever wonder which movies I've given A's? Which are adapted from books? Which feature a particular actor? Which are about Iraq?

Simply click on one of the "labels" below each post, and you'll be given all the posts that I've given that particular label. For example, click on "best of 2007" and you'll see which I've so far labeled with that distinction. Click on the "comedy" label and you'll see which movies fit into that category.

It's pretty simple, and it will be handy as more and more content is added to this, provided I can keep it up. Remember you can also just go the "search" field in the upper left and use a key word to find any post on here.

So far the labels are pretty generic (for example just "B's" - not B+'s, B's, and B-'s), but maybe I'll find a better way to arrange this in the future.

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