February 9, 2010

Short Cuts: "Mathletes Don't Wear Body Art Like That"

Along Came Polly (2004). Written and directed by John Hamburg; starring Ben Stiller, Jennifer Aniston, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Hank Azaria, Debra Messing, and Alex Baldwin.


  1. I remember this film getting slammed royally by critics when it came out but I actually quite enjoy this. Philip Seymour Hoffman easily steals the show as Ben Stiller's obnoxious best friend. I love the bit where he's rehearsing JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR and starts hogging all the lines.

  2. Totally agree that this is PSH's film, JD. It's like you have a completely cliched romantic comedy with the perky girl and the bumbling idiot, and then one really funny character comes in and steals every scene he's in. Also goes to show how hilarious PSH can be when he lets himself go.


  3. You speak the truth! PSH is hilarious. Who knew? Well, he showed a bit of a capacity for comedy in some of Paul Thomas Anderson's films but certainly did not hint at what he was capable of as he does in this film.

    It was also nice to see Bryan Brown in a mainstream film again. I just watched F/X again, man, that is a pretty decent thriller!

  4. Yeah, PSH showed flashes here and there in Boogie Nights, Lebowski, even Twister. But I can't think of another comedic role of his where he just goes Looney Tunes like this. I mean just watch this clip - he's hysterical!



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