February 4, 2010

February Lineup @ The Trylon microcinema: Godard's 60's

Weekends in February @ the Trylon microcinema:

Feb 5 and 6
Made In U.S.A. (1966) 
*Minneapolis Premiere!* 
"Trench-coated Anna Karina arrives in Atlantic City (apparently a provincial French town)  to track down boyfriend Richard Widmark (a character, not the actor), only to find...and  then the bodies start dropping. A (very) metaphorical treatment of the murders of JFK and Ben Barka...and Karina’s swan song for Godard." 

I saw this last week for the first time and found myself drowning in confusion, not surprising considering it was only the third Godard film I'd seen. It's one of the artiest of all art films, evidenced by this brilliant trailer:

Feb 12 and 13
Two or Three Things I Know About Her (1967)
"Is she Marina Vlady or Juliette Janson? asks the narrating Godard in a conspiratorial  whisper. She’s both: an actress in a film and a housewife from the Paris suburbs who turns tricks in the city to make ends meet. With characters casually addressing the camera, a conversation between complete strangers in a bistro–all underscored by relentless thuddings of a pinball machine–and an unblinking gaze at the cosmic whirls of foam in a coffee cup." 

The only one of these three I haven't seen, but MovieMan at The Sun's Not Yellow put up an intriguing sequence of stills from it just the other day. I'm obviously very ignorant about Godard's films and influence, but now this is the second silent trailer in a row: was he know for this?

Feb 19 and 20
Contempt (1963)
"That’s what Brigitte Bardot has for husband Michel Piccoli–but why? Does she think he used her to get that lucrative assignment from overbearing American producer Jack Palance? Or does she just “not love him anymore?” Given international stars, an Alberto Moravia best-seller, and the biggest budget of his career, Godard still managed to overturn movie conventions while producing a meditation on post-Hollywood filmmaking." 

The first Godard film I ever saw. I've only seen it once and I certainly didn't process it all in one viewing. Nonetheless it was easy to see why it's been regarded as a classic for so many years. The Rialto trailer for this one is also fantastic, but I'll mix it up with the opening clip here, where the credits are...read aloud:


Feb 26 and 27
Band Of Outsiders (1964)
“All you need to make a movie is a girl and a gun.” – Godard

Possibly best known by my generation as the namesake of Quentin Tarantino's production company (A Band Apart), this crime caper is lightest and most accessible of the Godard films I've seen. The mesmerizing dance scene is probably one of the most well known from this film, but this is the scene that blew my mind the first time I saw it:


All films show at The Trylon twice on each date, the first show beginning at 7:00 PM, immediately followed by the second. Tickets for all shows can be purchased online. Remember, there are only 50 seats so these go quickly. 

Additional film series run during the week (Trash Film Debauchery, Dreamland Faces, & Sound Unseen) - check the full calendar here.

And coming soon to the Trylon...

The Trylon microcinema is located at:
3258 Minnehaha Avenue S
Minneapolis, MN 55406
Info Line: 612.424.5468

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  1. I think I have seen like one of Godard's films and zero of any kind at the Trylon. Both of those numbers are changing this month, hopefully this weekend.

  2. Which one have you seen? I haven't even seen Breathless, which I believe is regarded as his best, or at least most popular. I think it takes a particular kind of person to appreciate Made in USA; people's expectations may doom them. I think most first-timers would love Band of Outsiders, though. Whatever you decide, a visit to the Trylon in the next 30 days is your charge - don't forget there are weekday screenings, too, including a sneak preview of a White Stripes documentary on March 3.

  3. Breathless, yes. It was part of the College Aged Douchebag Misanthrope's Pseudo-Intellectual Series. I found Kurosawa more interesting than Godard at the time and I never made it back.

  4. Sounds like a fascinating group. Speaking of Kurosawa, Rashomon is playing at The Uptown on a restored print beginning Friday.


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