May 6, 2009

Geta Makeover

As you can see, I've made a couple of noticeable changes to my template for the first time since I started this blog over 18 months ago. It's not as drastic as I originally had in mind (that would have taken a lot more work), but it's fresh enough for now. Yes, that is my eye, and yes, it's kind of creepy. It's meant to represent me translating what I personally see in the movies, but at first it looks like I'm just staring into your soul.

Anyway, I've realized I have an intense loyalty to a two column, left sidebar template, and that quirk, along with the fact that I'm using Blogger, limits my design options significantly. I'm still working out the kinks ("Discuss"/Recent Comments isn't working correctly right now), but I think about 90% of links, feeds, and embedded content are OK. The rest I'll figure out, and this is going to be a work in progress anyway because I'm sure it's one of those things where once you start tooling around it's impossible to stop.

And just to spell out the banner, if it isn't obvious why "the movie experience shouldn't end in the theater":
Film -> Watch -> Think -> Discuss -> Apply

Thanks for your patience, and for reading.


  1. Ooooo ... fancy. You're almost a real blog now.


  2. Ha, now all I need are readers. And credibility. Time to actually blog would be nice as well...

  3. Technically you'd need to lose all credibility to be a real blogger. :)

  4. Nice! Very professional looking, even with your creepy eye looking at me!

  5. I think it's great Daniel!

    I was pretty shocked when I first saw the change, but I like the meaning of your banner, staring eye and all.

    I meant to say this before too, but I also really like the change to the posting/comment system from a few weeks ago. Whatever this new setup is, it's definitely more user friendly in my opinion. Thanks!

  6. Um...WHOA.

    This hit me like a ton of bricks when I happened to sashay by. So I take it this is the new and improved GETAFILM???

    Not that it needed ANY improvement anyway.

    But things must progress. That's a given in this existence. My grand affection for the (previously noted) vibrant Christmas colours is all ready fading fast.

    Think I dig the new digs. It's marvy.

    Good looking eye BTW. You have gorgeous long eyelashes for a boy...

  7. Thanks, Kathie. As you know, I'm not quite that creepy in real life. I hope.

    Yeah, Josh I really like this embedded commenting as well, though it's already messed me up a bit in the transition. I have to remove the double "post a comment", and the recent comments widget on the sidebar doesn't link correctly. Hope to get those fixed pretty soon.

    Ha, Miranda, thanks for your enthusiastic reaction. It may be new but I don't know if it's improved; certainly it could always be made better. And yes, ever since you noticed the Christmas colors I never really looked at it the same way again, believe it or not. I don't know how much I like this yellow and blue on the sides, but I'll try it out for a while. Blogger just doesn't have as many color choices as I'd like, and I'm too lazy to figure out the HTML code for custom colors.

    So the mascara I'm wearing isn't obvious? Excellent.

  8. Don't sell yourself short. I see two eyes, a head, a hand...


    C'mon, how could I resist?

    Lookin' good - I dug the simplicity of your old design, but this one offers a more professional look, and I really like the way the sidebar looks.

  9. Ha, I guess I set myself up for that one. Good play.

    I liked the simplicity (and the fluid width) of the former version as well, but wanted to make it a little more personal. If it ends up looking professional then I guess that's a bonus. I don't know, I like it, but I still have to get used to it as well. Now that I've changed it once, it can change again at anytime. Likely when I get more complaints about the scary eye.

  10. Thank you, Nayana. I actually started thinking about it when you changed your look last spring. Just took me a while to get around to it...

  11. Your site is more presentable this way but I had sort of gotten used to the old design.

  12. Thanks, Film-Book. I'm afraid we'll just have to deal with the weirdness for a bit, though it's becoming more of a normal for me already.

  13. Just for the record...I approve. Looking good.

  14. Thanks, Craig, and don't think the filmstrip on your banner didn't seep into my design a little bit...

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