December 4, 2008

REVIEW: Nobel Son (D)

Should have been titled "The Family That Preys", but Tyler Perry already took it...

Find my review from the Star Tribune here. I think I was a half a star too generous.

There's a reason this movie was sitting on a shelf for the last year and a half after premiering at Tribeca 2007: it's unfit for consumption. Randall Miller is having quite a year for himself between this and Bottle Shock, having twice attempted to deep-six what's left of Alan Rickman's career.

Writing - 5
Acting - 7
Production - 8
Emotional Impact - 5
Music - 3
Social Significance - 3

Total: 31/50= 62% = D


  1. You mean there was something left of Alan Rickman's career? I thought he left that behind several fanboy movies ago.

  2. Well, k and Marilyn, despite being the only redeeming quality in both Nobel Son and Bottle Shock, I think he at least proved that he's got a little something left. I just don't know why he decided to get mixed up with Randall Miller in the last two years.

    Looking back on the last decade, though, haha – you’re right, Marilyn, it’s almost all Harry Potter. I’m no Potter fan so I’m hoping he’s just spreading his wings a little bit now to see where he lands when the franchise ends…maybe?

  3. I think Rickman's got quite a bit left ... I think he brings a bit of grace to those fanboy movies.

    Not every actor can afford to live up to cinephile expectations, our ideas of what a top actor can be. At least he hasn't gone the way of DeNiro or Hoffman.

    A guy like Rickman is never going to be a lead -- unless it's in an indie where he plays an aging lion, and Ben Kingsley and Frank Langella have those roles sewn up. An actor's gotta eat.

  4. Wish I'd seen this before I saw the flick last night.


    I agree with just aboot everything you said, but especially the parts where you call it dull and reminiscent of a music video.

    Though as much as I like Rickman, I was thoroughly underwhelmed by him here. It was too "with type." I'd have rather seen more Pullman.

  5. By Hoffman, Rick...I assume you mean Dustin Hoffman? I'd agree, outside of Stranger than Fiction and his voiceover work in Kung Fu Panda, I'd say he's pretty much on his way out.

    Sure, Rickman might just be looking for a paycheck, but I bet he could bring life to a stage production. That could be interesting. Or he could reprise his Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves role in Ridley Scott's Nottingham next year.

    Sorry I couldn't get to you in time, Fletch. Of course this was a weird weekend anyway so your options were limited.

    But more Pullman?! Mmm, no thanks. After this and Bottle Shock, I think I've had enough of him for a while. The Spaceballs days are over.

  6. this movie is full of suspense,thriller and full entertaining.i have seen this movie before but when i read your blog my feelings arouse to watch it again.can somebody share the link from where can i download nobel son movie for free.

  7. Thanks, Fringe. Turns out the only way to see Nobel Son might be to download - it was so awful it lasted two weeks in theaters.


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