December 25, 2008

REVIEW: Bedtime Stories (B)

"Is this really what I have to do to get people to watch my movies?"

Find my review from the Star Tribune here. It seems I'm in extreme opposition to the critical consensus in enjoying Bedtime Stories, but all I can say is that I watched it as a silly Disney movie for kids, while it appears others expected a mature, witty comedy for grown-ups.

Writing - 8
Acting - 9
Production - 9
Emotional Impact - 9
Music - 5
Social Significance - 3

Total: 43/50= 86% = B


  1. Daniel-

    I totally agree with you on this film. I took my niece to it and I think I enjoyed more than she did.

    B/c of the busy holiday week I hadn't looked at reviews of it until I saw your post, but the blasting reviews towards Bedtime Stories is just ridiculous.

  2. Thanks for the back-up, Fox. It's not like this is "Kid's Movie of the Year" or anything, but the bad reviews are surprisingly harsh in their attacks. I've seen nearly as many movies as the average critic this year (~150 new releases), and "Bedtime Stories" is nowhere near the top 10 worst of 2008.

    If you expect anything "adult" you're clearly going in with blinders on: it's Sandler's first-ever PG rating, it's about little kids' stories and there's a bug-eyed guinea pig in the trailer. How could anyone expect anything more than a silly kid's movie?


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