August 21, 2008


I've never played a "Name that Movie Poster" game before, but just in the last week I've received two invitations to do so.

Sam Juliano, new addition to MovieZeal, forwarded me a link to The Empire Poster Quiz. I love how this one is set up.

Fletch at Blog Cabins has gone a step further and created his own: The Great Movie Poster Piece Contest. This one actually has prizes, and the more people who enter, the higher the prize total grows. I would put up an image of the collage, but it's best you just go and give it a shot. Wouldn't want to have anyone give away an answer here, either...

I actually haven't had the time to sit down and take either of these yet, but I'm looking forward to it.

In the meantime, what do you think of the posters of 2008 to date? I know there are some gems on the way (Burn After Reading and Doubt at the top of the list), but what about what's already come? I think the posters for The Dark Knight, The Bank Job, and Man on Wire are among the best so far.

Check these out and report back with your own.


  1. Though I haven't been a fan of this guys work so far, I really like the poster for Guy Maddin's My Winnipeg:

  2. got another one:

    Didn't care for this movie, but I like the poster. I think the colors look great in a close-up like that.

  3. Nice, Fox. My Winnipeg is a really cool one. It was here for a week in early August and I missed it.

    Ah, plus it's next to MBN. That poster catches the mood perfectly.

    The Signal is definitely "eye-catching"...

  4. Thanks for the pub, Daniel. I'm loving watching these roll in.

    That Empire quiz is indeed awesome. Tough, too. The only bad side is that the site is a bit ad-heavy.

    I love The Bank Job poster more than the movie. The Dark Knight one you've shown was good (all of them were, really).

    I'd add Choke's, this one from Forgetting Sarah Marshall, the NPH one for H&K 2 (for it's sheer strangeness), the creepy as hell One Missed Call one, Saw V's Tobin Bell "face/on" poster, Taxi to the Dark Side's shadow/flag poster, and 27 Dresses' credit dress to my list.

  5. 99% of TDK's were awesome, my favorite being the one with the Joker behind the "Why So Serious?" in red.

    I'd say also, Choke, Burn After Reading and Cloverfield.

    I only got 12 on the Empire poster quiz and I submitted 11 to Fletch's quiz, though one I'm not sure about and one I know I definitely got wrong.

  6. Yeah, Choke is a definite, it's just not released yet, at least not around here.

    That HK Guantanamo one is pretty funny. I actually like that 27 Dresses one, too. The horror ones don't usually do much for me, but they're definitely memorable. Cloverfield was another good one, Rachel.

    Alright I'm running through these with some more: Step Brothers, The Wackness mixtape version, the first Wall-E, Jellyfish, and OSS 117. I like the poster for Noise. Makes me wish I would have seen it at the festival here.

  7. Man... we totally disagree on that Choke poster. It kinda creeps me out. But beyond me not liking the design, I don't like the way they have all of the credits and titles bunched together. It's hurts my eyes.

    Maybe y'all have some deep rooted cannibalistic instincts or something?? :0)

  8. I agree about the BANK JOB poster. My favorite so far is the "Why So Serious" poster for THE DARK KNIGHT. Also, CLOVERFIELD, HELLBOY II, SHOTGUN STORIES, QUID PRO QUO, and THEN SHE FOUND ME.

  9. Fox - don't know if you have, but having read Choke makes the poster all the better.

  10. Yes, my first thought was, which poster for The Dark Knight? Seemed like there were about two hundred of them, and they were all terrific--even if that one you have up there reminds me a bit of a shot of Darth Vader looking out at the stars of the galaxy in the Death Star.

  11. I think I just like silhouette and the two-tone color scheme for Choke, even though it's as disturbing as any of the horror ones I just brushed off...

    Good call on Shotgun Stories, too, Matthew. Just makes me more upset that I haven't seen it yet.

    Believe it or not, part of me likes that TDK one more than the Joker WSS? posters. Not that those aren't great, though. This TDK one reminds me of the last scene in Fight Club.

  12. This is a great post, but I will admit I am getting credit I haven't earned! LOL. Someone else sent you that link Dan---my favorite of them all is MOW, which is breathtaking.

  13. Good point Fletch. I haven't read the book so I could definitely be blind to what it's getting at.

    And I second Matthew's Shotgun Stories pick. That's a good one.

  14. It was YOU, Sam - I still have the email! You're so on top of things you don't even know it...

    I haven't read "Choke", either, but the poster sure makes you wonder what it's about. I've avoided everything I can, but I know it's by the same author who wrote "Fight Club" and that it's nothing at all like "Fight Club".

  15. p.s. Oh, and Daniel... do treat yourself to Shotgun Stories. It's great, but what I love about it the most is that it nails Southern eccentricity better than any attempt I've seen lately.

    And I just LOVE Michael Shannon.

  16. I was quite pleased with myself on the Empire quiz...I think I managed to get 23. I'm still working on Fletch's....arghh.....

    I, too, am getting poster-game fever from all of this. I think I want to start running some kind of poster game over at MZ.

  17. Yeah I really need to see it, Fox. Along with Man on Wire, it's the most gushed about movie of the year. No one has said anything less than you did.

    I need to do these this weekend, Evan. I'll shoot for at least half on the Empire quiz. Fletch's looks kind of tough, if only because the pieces are so small. That's the point, though, of course.

  18. I got 34 or 36 on the poster quiz...I don't remember which, lol.


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