August 11, 2008

I'm Speechless...Kind Of

It appears I've been inexplicably blacklisted on the interwebs (most likely because I dared speak negatively about both Step Brothers and Pineapple Express). My comments at all WordPress-powered blogs, including, are being mistakenly blocked by the Akismet anti-spam filter. This is already the most boring post I've ever written, so here's a favorite from The Greatest Comic Strip of All Time to make it worth your while (click to enlarge):

If you have a WordPress-powered blog, and I know many of you fine readers do, please check in your spam filters/folders (I don't really know how it works) to see if my comments are in there. I've already contacted Akismet but it sounds like this is going to take days and not hours to correct. In the meantime, I have to frustratingly read all of your stuff from the wrong side of a one-way mirror.

The worst part, of course, is that I can't participate in our neverending game of Telling Each Other How Awesome We and Our Reviews Are (not that I don't love this game - where would I be without it?), and I can't join in any great discussions about movies or movie news. Just know that I'm still reading...


  1. I have had the same problem in the past, it sucks.

    I will unspam you wherever applicable :) As will everyone else I guess.

  2. Yes, Nick was frequently blocked from LiC there for a while which was particularly crazy since he's on wordpress too!

    Also, you being a Calvin and Hobbes fan feels right in my universe Daniel. And that's a good thing.

  3. I de-spammed you at MZ. Try commenting there again and let me know if it lets you through.

    This sucks.

  4. Craig talked about this at LiC.

    But I didn't realize it was THAT bad.

    Unfortunately, the way Akismet works (as far as my comprehension is concerned) is that you just have to wait for them to slide through IF THEY'RE LOST. If you're expecting a specific comment, a set of them or someone's remark(s) in particular, you can wait for a week or two and then you can contact Akismet and they will see what the hell's going on.

    Danny, did you post anything over at CP AFTER your SIENNA MILLER comment? I actually thought that it had grabbed it because it often takes hold of short posts like that. For example (not to offend - we know each other, right?) when I saw that comment, "That is SOME dress", I thought, Oh buddy...

    But then it turned out to be you and I'm TOTALLY aware that when you say something like that that you don't mean any harm.

    Akismet, as Evan so eloquently stated, will allow you to de-spam some comments that haven't disappeared.

    So, yeah...

    The best thing that you can do is resend some short ones, the people with Wordpress blogs like myself will de-spam them and then that will go a long way towards everything getting back to normal.

    I hope you didn't send me anything after the SIENNA thing. If you did, it will likely resurface anyway.

    Poor, poor Danny. It will all be straightened out soon.


    E-mail me if you need a shoulder to cry on....

  5. Thanks, all! Hopefully I get cleared soon.

    Pretty funny about that Sienna comment, Miranda, hehe. That was me alright. I don't think I wrote anything after that post but a couple of others might have slipped through. Like you say, I just have to send quick ones through and hopefully over time I'll be let back in.

    Glad you liked it, Fletch - I'm assuming you share Craig's and my devotion to all things Calvin and Hobbes. Nothing will ever touch that strip. Ever. At least it went out on top, unlike Garfield.

  6. Calvin was indeed pure genius. The only other one up there for me is the Far Side - another that went out on top. I miss them both.

  7. PINEAPPLE EXPRESS and STEP BROTHERS are pimples on the movie landscape. They deserve to be panned.


  8. I considered a Far Side selection as well, Fletch. Definitely also in the classic era of comics.

    lol, Sam - watch what you say, you might get shut out next...

  9. Hi,
    I think this should be fixed for you now, but any problems at all if you get in touch at support we'll fix it there.

    Sorry for the trouble.

  10. Dan, I just despammed a comment out of my queue as well. Sorry about this, you're one of the last ones I'd want to spam. All your reviews are awesome, man ...

    That Derrick, guy, on the other hand ...

  11. Thanks, Mark - it worked! I appreciate you letting me know. Let know one every speak badly about Akismet!

    No, Rick, your reviews are awesome.

  12. All y'all's reviews are awesome. And you're really great people. And talented. And insightful. And a whole bunch of other complimentary adjectives.

  13. Hehe, don't we all just love each other?

    I think I'd be rolling my eyes if I was someone else happening across this...whatever.

  14. I think the world of movie bloggers can be as warm and fuzzy as a ship full o' Tribbles. Could be worse, I guess.

  15. Love those Tribbles.

    What are they, again? ;-P

  16. Tell me you're kidding.

    Or I've just outgeeked myself.

  17. lol, hate to break it you! I've resisted Googling it. I don't think you've outgeeked me. It's either in the recesses of my brain or I'm just an idiot.

  18. One of the best original Star Trek episodes ever: "The Trouble With Tribbles". A Tribble is a cooing, affectionate ball of fur that is born pregnant, and therefore multiplies exponentially in a matter of hours. Wikipedia article

  19. Ohhhh...I thought you said "Cribbles"...

    No, actually I'm fairly ignorant about the Trek world. I am looking forward to the movie, though.

    Let's just say this. If it was a multiple choice quiz, I definitely would have picked that definition - it just sounds like something that would be called a "Tribble."

  20. i had to de-spam you as well...


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