August 7, 2008

Perfect Song, Perfect Scene #1

This is the first in a new feature series on Getafilm. I enjoy music about as much as I enjoy movies, and this "Perfect Song, Perfect Scene" series will highlight movie scenes that are perfectly complemented by a particular song. Originally, the first choice was going to be the opening credits of Midnight Cowboy backed by Harry Nilsson's "Everybody's Talkin'", but it was recently removed from YouTube for copyright violations. The same thing may happen with my other choices, as well as with my "Short Cuts" clips, so enjoy them while they last.

So it's not Midnight Cowboy, but if this first one doesn't get you in the mood to play beach volleyball on a hot August afternoon, it should at least make you laugh pretty hard.

Topless Air Force volleyball
, Top Gun (1986): "Playin' With The Boys" by Kenny Loggins


  1. Goddammit! I wish YouTube wasn't blocked at work b/c I'd really like to see this one right now...

    ... to be continued.

  2. I've always enjoyed this scene... but not because of the music.


  3. The thirteen year old in me is requesting a fly-by.

  4. Hope you've enjoyed it by now, Fox...

    Yeah, yeah, Nayana - it is a bit of a show, isn't it? Must be many people's favorite scene in the movie.

    That's a negative, Hatter. The pattern is full.

    A couple observations I need to lay out with this clip:

    - Is it just a loop of Cruise clapping, checking his watch, diving and high/low fiving with Goose? Seriously, some part of that is shown multiple times.

    - How is his hair so perfect as he's leaving? Look's like he just stepped out of the shower?

    - Jeans?

  5. My favorite take (I forget who said it) was: This is the most unrealistic scene in the whole movie. There is no chance Goose and Maverick beat Iceman and Slider in beach volleyball. Zero. Dogfights, karaoke, Kelly McGinnis maybe. But beach volleyball? No way.

  6. Will something from Teen Wolf be the next selection? Or maybe Road House? I hope so. ;)

    Don't get me wrong, I love Top Gun - this just seems a strange, strange selection to lead off this feature, though you do mention it's hilarity.

    This is a horrible, horrible song, though it makes me laugh every time I hear it on the Adam Carolla show (which is often - pretty much anytime something gay comes up, you'll hear it).

  7. I miss Adam Carolla from his Loveline days. I don't think we get any of his stuff in this market now.

  8. "I don't think we get any of his stuff in this market now." Wow, never thought I'd hear that about Adam Carolla, haha!

    I know, Fletch, this is a ridiculous one - like I said, not the first clip I had in mind, but it fit for summer and, well, it does fit with the scene. The upcoming ones are little more legit. Of course it all depends what's available on YouTube. Some that I've looked for just aren't there, unfortunately.

    Yeah, Boland, Cruise's ups are pretty shocking here. Lots of impressive spikes. Must have used a trampoline.

    Speaking of Cruise, he may have been the funniest part of Tropic Thunder, which I saw last night. Against all odds, I really liked the movie.

  9. Nayana - the radio show certainly is safe for work. I'm sure the website is, too, but I haven't been there in some time.

  10. Fletch, I didn't really think about it until you mentioned it, but listening to that song again out of context - yeah, it's really awful, even for an 80's song. Listen to it but don't watch the clip.

    BUT like I said, these are going to be songs that fit particular scenes, and this still works...

  11. You are definitely right on there. A very homoerotic song for a very homoerotic movie. ;)

    Now, if only the Weitz brothers had used the Divinyls "I Touch Myself" for the sock scene in American Pie - that would have been a perfect match as well...

  12. By the way - I noticed the artist you had listed and did a double take but didn't really pay attention to it until I listened to it. That's not The Faces, it's the face - Kenny Loggins!

    What an egregious error. ;)

  13. WOW. That's not just an error, it's a crime. I don't know even know where that came from, but it almost sunk this feature before it even set sail. Thanks for saving the day.

    I wonder, are the rest of Kenny Loggins' songs from 80's movies good out of context? I think so - Danger Zone, I'm Alright, Footloose, etc...

  14. I put Kenny Loggins square in the "guilty pleasure that don't really pleasure me all that much bin." In other words, I groove on the cheesiness that is his music when I hear it, but I would never outwardly seek it out and don't think I would ever listen to it separate from the source material (film).

    In other news, The Faces have a great song on the Rushmore soundtrack (which I do own).

  15. Case closed! That's why I had "The Faces" in there - you've just found out what one of the future PSPS's is...I'm saving it for a bit.

    In other news, Loggins is doin' just fine.


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