April 17, 2008

MSP Film Fest kicks off, and so does everything else

I can hardly complain, but this is a little too much to handle. Spring is traditionally the worst movie season. Um...

Every Monday in April, Take-Up Productions is presenting" Sweet Escapism: Screwball Comedies of the Great Depression" at Pepito's Parkway Theater. The renovation at the theater is progressing, and so far the change in ownership has been very impressive indeed.

The Walker Art Center continues to churn out premieres and international film series at a terrific clip. Tuesday I was witness to an hour and a half of passionate ranting by Errol Morris following a preview screening of Standard Operating Procedure. More on that later.

Wednesdays in April and May, the United Artists 90th Anniversary Film Festival is being hosted by the Landmark in Edina. Classics, on the big screen, every week.

And today, of course, is the start of the 26th Annual Minneapolis/St. Paul International Film Festival. I list my hopefuls here, and Colin Covert sets the appropriate mood here.

Oh, right. There are also seven new releases I'm interested in seeing in the next two weeks. Impossible, you say? Well, you're usually right.

For these reasons and more, I'm going to Las Vegas this afternoon.


  1. Well, that's an embarrassment of riches, isn't it?

    I'm finding it difficult to keep up with everything now that I'm paying more attention to new releases. I used to be all old movies all the time, but this blogging business has encouraged me to be current. So much cool stuff slips through the cracks...

  2. Have fun in Vegas. Call if you need bail money.

  3. Seriously, Craig. I can't even imagine the opportunities you have on a weekly basis. Your time management is impressive, to say the least.

    Hehe, thanks, Nayana. Speaking of money, I don't even have enough to get in trouble in the first place, so...


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