April 29, 2010

May Lineup @ The Trylon microcinema: "Before Tokyo: Comedies of Bill Murray"

I seem to remember Bill Murray being in dozens of comedies from my childhood, but the fact is that it was more like only a half dozen films, each of which I saw dozens of times. Three of those comedic classics will be presented by Take-Up Productions as part of Before Tokyo: Comedies of Bill Murray, with the fourth, Quick Change, being one that I have not seen. If you haven't either, it's the only film in the series discounted due to the Trylon's impeccable film formatting standards.

Anyway, here's Take-Up's cleverly sarcastic explanation of the series' title:

"Bill Murray burst onto the dramatic scene as the taciturn Bob Harris in 2003's Lost in Translation, for which he received an Oscar nomination. Since then, he's starred in numerous blockbusters and critically acclaimed dramas.

But few are familiar with his great comedies from years past—until now. Take-Up Productions proudly presents Murray's obscure classics, four comedies from the 80s and early 90s, including his rarely-seen supernatural burlesque Ghostbusters. Won't you join us as we rediscover the "other" side of Bill Murray—philosopher, social critic, and clown."

The schedule:

May 7 & 8
GHOSTBUSTERS (Ivan Reitman, 1984)
7:00 PM & 9:00 PM

Far from the angsty teenage annals of John Hughes, Ivan Reitman was employing the funniest people in show biz, packing houses and blowing the roofs off theaters with laughter. Few films carry as much pop culture weight as the oft-referenced Ghostbusters. Whether being slimed, possessed or simply attacked by the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man, everyone knows the answer to: “Who ya’ gonna call?” 


May 14 & 15
GROUNDHOG DAY (Harold Ramis, 1993)
7:00 PM & 9:00 PM

“...Morons!” scoffs the misanthropic weatherman (Bill Murray) while on-route to Punxsutawney, PA for a perennial puff piece concerning the titular prognosticating quadruped. Little does he know the so-called "morons" will become the only actors in a never-ending farce that begins on February 2nd, and begins on February 2nd and begins... As he faces the same mind-numbing sequence of events with increasing existential dread, the question becomes: What will Bill do next? Punch a former high school classmate in the face? Rob a bank? Perhaps he'll fall in love, and discover that hell really isn't other people after all? Naww.. “People are...”

May 21 & 22
QUICK CHANGE (Howard Franklin & Bill Murray, 1990)
7:00 PM & 8:45 PM
TICKETS (All shows $5!)

Bill Murray, Geena Davis and Randy Quaid play a trio of capable bank robbers but hopeless getaway artists in this heist gone hilariously chaotic. Sparring with Jason Robards as the finest of New York City’s finest, the three can’t escape the grasp of the city. In his first and only film as director, Murray offers a jaded love letter to the Big Apple, memorably shot on location.


May 28 & 29
CADDYSHACK (Harold Ramis, 1980)
7:00 PM & 9:00 PM

In the immortal words of Jean Paul Sartre, "Au revoir, gopher". Murray's Carl Spackler, the slack-jawed, gopher-hating groundskeeper at the Bushwood Country Club is the heart and soul of Caddyshack. Whether fighting the "Varmint Cong" or eating candy bars floating in the pool, Murray outshines even the likes of Rodney Dangerfield, Chevy Chase and Ted Knight, all of whom have never been funnier.  

(I know this isn't a Murray clip, but it's one of my favorites.)


And coming soon to the Trylon microcinema...
JUNE: Steven Spielberg: Father of the Blockbuster

JULY: Don't Stop the Presses: "The Newspaper Picture"
JULY: Buster Keaton's The General
AUGUST: Everyone Wants to Be Cary Grant
AUGUST: The Jack Nicholson Experience: Seven from the Seventies

The Trylon microcinema is located at:
3258 Minnehaha Avenue S
Minneapolis, MN 55406
Info Line: 612.424.5468


  1. Nice line-up of films - alto, it's a shame they aren't showing my fave, STRIPES!

  2. Actually, finding 35mm prints of Murray's work: super difficult. We wanted Stripes, and Meatballs too.

    We really wanted Quick Change, because Bill has his only directing credit on this film (plus, I'm from NYC). So we reluctantly decided to go ahead with the DVD, something we've never done before on a classic screening.

    Yes. Quick Change. Classic.

    But on the up side, we've determined that Bill, as an owner of the St Paul Saints, comes to MN each year for opening day. In May.

    Funny thing. Almost as if we planned it.

    Will he appear at the Trylon? Only one way to find out!

  3. I love QUICK CHANGE. Such an underrated, underappreciated film. It runs out of steam a little bit at the end but the opening heist sequence is so well done.

    "What kind of clown are you?"

    "The crying on the inside kind, I guess."

  4. Barry, I considered hinting at that Murray appearance but didn't know what the latest status was. How mind-blowing would it be for him to serve popcorn and introduce just one of the screenings. And then underwrite the next year's worth of Trylon programming out of gratitude...

    I have to say, the opening scene of Quick Change is pretty intriguing. I love his floppy-shoed jog to get to the door at the end of the clip.


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