March 24, 2010

Short Cuts: "So is Pregnancy if You Don't Have a License"

Demolition Man (1993). Directed by Marco Brambilla; written by Joel Silver and Howard Kazanjian; starring Sylvester Stallone, Wesley Snipes, Sandra Bullock, Benjamin Bratt, Rob Schneider, Bob Gunton, Denis Leary, and Jack Black.


  1. Silvester Stallone was great as the policeman that hunts down that psycho, roles such as this one consolidated the Stallone brand. I also like that the movie is filled with action and suspense and also that its action is placed somehow in the future. The cast too was exceptional, some of my favourite actors played in this film, like Sandra Bullock, which I absolutely adore.

  2. The cast list above probably surprises most people (Bob Gunton is the warden from Shawshank who has the great "Caveman!" line here), but I'd have to shy from the word exceptional, haha. Maybe I'm still sore about Bullock's Oscar win, though I take nothing away from her newly crowned role as America's Sweetheart.

    Anyway, I wish there were more of these imaginatively futuristic movies (this one is set in 2032). There was a whole string of them in the 90's and now that we're in the new millennium it's all about the apocalypse. Go figure.

    Coincidental how this clip plays into the recent health care debate in the U.S., too. I'm surprised Glenn Beck or Rush Limbaugh haven't grabbed onto this movie as some kind of doomsday "Obamacare" scenario for Americans in the years ahead.

  3. "I wish there were more of these imaginatively futuristic movies"

    Me too, Daniel. Repo Men ans Daybreakers are kinda there, but are set too closely to our own time to really count. Half the fun of Demo Man (and it is a lot of fun) is in the goofy and sometimes interesting touches they made for their future (though I'm still bothered by the short window of time they gave for such a huge change in humanity - but that's a nitpick for another day).

  4. I knew Demolition Man was one of your favorite old 90's classics. As much as I liked some of the subtleties of the future in something like Children of Men, sometimes I love when movies just throw logic to the wind and go for it (i.e., Back to the Future II and Demolition Man).


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