March 10, 2010

"Academy Award Winning Movie Trailer"

Outside of a few running features here at Getafilm, I don't often post one-off random viral videos du jour. But this one is good - good enough to get play here, there, and everywhere else. As is often the case recently, I saw it first at Switchblade Comb.

The nerdier you are about movies, and particularly movie trailers (recognizing the music, throwaway comments, even the production company lead-ins), the funnier this will be.

Apparently this duo is going to be presenting a short film at SXSW this month. Keep an eye on the name BriTANicK.


  1. This is hilarious..

  2. Yeah it's pretty pitch perfect on a lot of levels. I wonder if they've made their splashy debut at SXSW yet.


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