September 23, 2009

Short Cuts: "I'm Bloody Ibiza!"

About a Boy (2002). Directed by Chris Weitz and Paul Weitz; written by Peter Hedges, Chris Weitz, and Paul Weitz, based on the novel by Nick Hornby; starring Hugh Grant, Nicholas Hoult, Toni Collette, and Rachel Weisz.


  1. "No, no, see that's where you've got it wrong - I really am that shallow..."

    If its possible, this movie actually improves on a really kick-ass book. Pity they haven't adapted more Hornby novels by now...

    Thanks for the Wednesday smile.

  2. Yeah, High Fidelity and About a Boy are two rock-solid adaptations, and I can say that without even having read them. Then there's Fever Pitch (the American remake), which I would much rather read for a first time than watch for a second.

    Apparently the rights to A Long Way Down were bought by Johnny Depp, and that's supposed to be in the works.

    Then there's his newest book, Juliet, Naked, which sounds ready-made for an adaptation: "The book is about a reclusive 80s rock star who is forced out of isolation when the re-release of his most famous album brings him into contact with some of his most passionate fans."

  3. Thanks for posting this - I feel like this film is totally uner appreciated -- Hornby adapts so well. I love Fever Pitch too.

  4. I'm a big fan of "About a Boy" too. It's one of Hugh Grant's best performances.

  5. RC, the original Fever Pitch or the remake? I've only seen the I'm assuming you're talking about the original with Colin Firth. ;-P

    I agree, Pat, and it's becoming apparent that it was one of Hugh Grant's last performances as well. I haven't seen anything he's done recently but it's looked like he's just mailed it in for the last five years.


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