September 14, 2009

Coens Set to Begin Raising Cain This Friday

My anticipation for A Serious Man is going to reach a fever pitch over the next few weeks with the opening of the Walker Art Center's 50th Regis Dialogue & Retrospective: Joel & Ethan Coen: Raising Cain, a nearly monthlong celebration of every film the brothers have directed, including receptions and a conversation with the Coens themselves next Friday, Sept. 25 (Tickets: $45, or $100 including admission to the private reception). No official word yet on a local premiere of A Serious Man as part of this series, which would be a little surprising. The film just premiered in Toronto but there's no chance I'm checking the pulse of the reaction. It'll be all I can do to avoid the trailer over the next few weeks.

Anyway, as if the appetite was not already thoroughly whetted for this series (via the Walker blog):

In other news, I saw Blood Simple for the first time this weekend and feel like I all of a sudden have a new appreciation for their work, particularly the shadows and shivers of No Country for Old Men. In fact, I'm laying out an ambitious plan to write at least some capsule thoughts on every Coen movie before this series wraps up at the Walker. Wish me luck.


  1. The serious man talk is rising - how in the world is this film going to fit into award season - the coens can get tons of praise or just have a tight little following - who knows, who knows!

    That sounds like an awesome experience to hear the coens respond to some of these films in retrospect.

  2. I'm still about as surprised now as I was in June when I wrote about the lack of excitement for ASM. It definitely picked up a bit after the trailer was released, but even out of its showing in Toronto last week there's been nary a peep. In the meantime, here's what Joel said at TIFF: ""Probably more so in this movie than anything we've ever done, this does come from our direct experience ... our own lives growing up."

    How that does not automatically translate into major Oscar buzz, I have no idea.

    I might be left out in the cold for this dialogue unless an angel ushers me in. It's a pretty hot ticket, to say the least.


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