June 15, 2009

Twin Cities Film Grazing - June

I promise I'm only going to take the "film goat" imagery so far, but as in April, there are about a million local movie meals to keep you full in June.

In addition to new releases, consider...

MONDAY, JUNE 15: Soldiers of Peace
Where: The Heights, 7:30 PM
Tickets: $25

From the film's website: "This documentary film illustrates the connections between individual acts of heroism and the systematic changes we now need, if we are to survive the 21st Century. It depicts the reconciliation between IRA bomber Patrick Magee and the daughter of one of his victims; religious fundamentalists in Nigeria who now preach peaceful co-existence; the Colombian musician Cesar Lopez, who makes guitars from AK47 machine guns, and many others who are making a difference...Incorporating stories from 19 countries, "Soldiers of Peace" includes interviews with Sir Bob Geldof, Hans Blix, Archbishop Desmond Tutu and Sir Richard Branson...Narrated by Michael Douglas with music by Michael Franti, "Soldiers of Peace" focuses on some of the countries in the ground-breaking Global Peace Index, and the many unsung heroes who are striving for peace, either individually or in co-operation with others...In a world bombarded by negative imagery and messages, the film showcases the alternatives to conflict, revealing countless inspiring examples to prove that peace can be achieved through greater equality, emancipation, tolerance and understanding. "


TUESDAY, JUNE 16: Revolution Reel (ongoing through July 7) - Short Film Showcase
Where: Intermedia Arts Theater, 7:30 PM
Tickets: $5

The Cinema Revolution Society's Revolution Reel "screens local films by emerging and mid-career filmmakers in a social setting. Dramatic, sarcastic, ecstatic, hilarious, beautiful, informative, shocking or just plain bizarre, the series exhibits the breadth of filmmaking talent that this community has to offer. Beer and wine will be available at the events on a donation basis."

The Short Film Showcase will feature the following shorts:

Nathaniel (2008, 10 min.) directed by Brian Murnion

Oldmeal (2008, 9 min.) directed by Britni West (Official Selection, Cannes Short Film Corner 2009, Walker Art Center Women With Vision)

Winter Lilacs (2008, 6 min.) directed by Stephen Gurewitz (Official Selection, South by Southwest, Vail Film Festival 2009)

Ouroboros (2007, 5 min.) directed by David Camarena

The Garden (2009, 40 min.) directed by Ryan Philippi (Official Selection, International Film Festival Rotterdam, Athens International Film Festival 2009): "In the vast inland wasteland surrounding Los Angeles, at a point where the accelerating expanse of suburban sprawl meets the Mojave Desert, The Garden observes the inner life of a young man as he labors anonymously in tract housing developments. With slow and sensuous precision, the evolution of the landscape is played out upon the face of this young worker - a face arrested by loneliness and apprehension. In the mundane and in fleeting glimpses of radiant beauty, we witness this man and the world he creates bind together, each half-formed and resting upon the Earth.

Most of the filmmakers will be present for a Q and A following the program."


TUESDAY, JUNE 16 - THURSDAY, JUNE 25: 48 Hour Film Project
Where: The Riverview, 7:00 & 9:00 PM
Tickets: $8

"The 48 Hour Film Project comes to Minneapolis on the weekend of June 12th. Filmmakers from all over the Minneapolis area will compete to see who can make the best short film in only 48 hours. The winning film will go up against films from around the world."

Note: My friends' film, "For the Love of Film", will be showing on Wednesday night at 9:00 PM - vote for them!


THURSDAY, JUNE 18: The Saddest Music in the World
Where: The Heights, 7:30 PM
Tickets: Lots of options, click here

Tim Massett brings The Talkies back to the Heights Theatre with Guy Maddin and his The Saddest Music in the World. Read more details at my previous post here, or visit The Talkies website.

Also, check out Erik McClanahan's interview with Maddin from last week's Vita.mn.


THURSDAY, JUNE 18 - SATURDAY, JUNE 20: Solstice Film Festival
Where: Suburban World Theatre, Uptown
Tickets: Lots of options, click here

"The 4th annual Solstice Film Festival rolls out the red carpet June 18-20 in Uptown Minneapolis. SFF will be screening some of the best independent Films from around the country and across the globe. Plus there will be quite a few from filmmakers right here in Minnesota.

Suburban World Theatre in Uptown Minneapolis, MN will play host to the 2009 SFF. The Uptown location allows for attendees to screen films steps away from the high-energy commercial corridor in and around Calhoun Square."

Check out the schedule here. Both Don McKay and The Last Passport sound pretty interesting to me. Thomas Haden Church and Elizabeth Shue will be in attendance for Don McKay on opening night (Thursday).


FRIDAY, JUNE 19: West Side Story (through June 25)
Where: The Heights, 7:15PM
Tickets: $8

"Get ready to see this landmark classic as you have never seen it before in the HIGH DEFINITION splendor of 70MM and DTS Digital sound!! This film won and deserved 10 Oscars, including Best Picture of 1961. Due to the high cost of bringing this film in all seats for WEST SIDE STORY are $8.00."


TUESDAY, JUNE 23 - THURSDAY, JUNE 25: Queer Takes: Standing Out
Where: Walker Art Center

"Now in its fourth edition at the Walker, Queer Takes is back with a group of films diverse in style and genre exploring LGBT issues that range from homophobia in sports to AIDS activism to gay parenting. Unless otherwise noted, all films are screened in the Cinema and tickets are $8 ($6 Walker, Quorum, and OutFront Minnesota members)."


THURSDAY, JUNE 24: Voltaic: The Volta Tour Live In Paris And Reykjavik
Where: The NEW Trylon microcinema, 7:30 PM
Tickets: $8

Barry Kryshka squeezes in one more showing before Take-Up Productions hosts the grand opening of the Trylon microcinema on July 17 (see below).

"Björk's Voltaic: The Volta Tour Live in Paris contains filmed highlights from the Volta tour, recorded in Paris and Reykjavik, with performances of songs from Volta as well as tracks from previous albums including Hunter, Joga, Army of Me, and Hyperballad.

Björk’s band on the Volta tour included Mark Bell (LFO) on computers and keyboards and Damian Taylor on keyboards and programming. Drums and percussion were played by Chris Corsano (Sonic Youth, etc.); Jónas Sen played piano, harpsichord, and church organ; and Björk’s all female Icelandic 10-piece brass section rounded out the group. A dynamic, grand live experience, the Volta tour has been acclaimed around the world."


SATURDAY, JUNE 26: Regis Dialogue - Director William Klein with Paulina del Paso
Where: Walker Art Center, 7:30 PM
Tickets: $15 ($12 Walker members)

The William Klein retrospective at the Walker Art Center I highlighted a couple weeks ago is finishing off with a conversation with the director himself.

"Meet the legendary William Klein in conversation at the Walker with Paulina del Paso, filmmaker and associate programmer for FICCO 2009 (Festival Internacional de Cine Contemporáneo de la Ciudad de México). The Regis Dialogues and Retrospectives program, now in its 20th year, brings to the Walker the most innovative and influential filmmakers of our time for in-depth conversations about their creative process, illuminated by film clips, anecdotes, and personal insights."

So is that enough for the next two weeks, or what?

Lastly, a preliminary plug for the grand opening of the Trylon microcinema on July 17. Here are the details: "The all-volunteer staff of Take-Up Productions has worked for three years to put together the money for our own theater. On July 17th, we're opening The Trylon in south Minneapolis, a few blocks from the Lake Street LRT station. We've decided to open our microcinema with a film series starring Buster Keaton, featuring the accompaniment of Dreamland Faces on accordion and singing saw."

I'll be checking out the space and posting a profile of it here prior to the big opening, but in the meantime do these two things:

1.) Buy tickets - they went on sale today, and there are only 60 seats in the cinema.

2.) Check out Randall Throckmorton's video of Dreamland Faces performing at the Fitzgerald, and imagine yourself stepping back into time with Buster Keaton...

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