July 2, 2008

Short Cuts: "Already Read 'Em"

Cape Fear (1991). Directed by Martin Scorsese; screenplay adapted by Wesley Strick; starring Robert De Niro, Nick Nolte, Juliette Lewis, Jessica Lange, Robert Mitchum, and Gregory Peck.


  1. I just watched this one again a few weeks for my "Originals and Their Remakes" week. It started off pretty good, except De Niro's accent (we do NOT sound like that in the South), but by the time the end credits rolled the entire film collapsed under its weight. Original=much better.

  2. For as much as I LOATHE Juliette Lewis, this movie is really pretty entertaining.

    I rank the remake as high as the original. Great story, great performances, etc. I love them both.

  3. Terrific scene ruined by that annoying Bernard Herrmann score. Do you know what it needed?

    Gimme Shelter by The Rolling Stones!

  4. Haha, yeah it's a pretty ridiculous accent, Rachel. De Niro sounds scary, but not necessarily Southern. Fair point on the original, I just didn't look for an iconic scene from it on YouTube. How's this?

    Really, problems with Juliette Lewis, Scott? I love when people loathe random actresses. I don't feel like I see her much these days. I like the remake only because it feels grittier somehow, and I think Nolte is pretty great in it.

    Rick, you don't like the BUM BUM BUM BUM...BUM BUM BUM BUM...At least it's memorable? I bet "Gimme Shelter" is snuck in there somewhere in the credits. Has to be.

  5. I'm gonna go out on a limb and say that both Cape Fears are ridiculously overrated. Turns out overacting DeNiro and Gregory Peck (as a whole) suck. Flame away.

    On another note Walle was awesome, and according to Weber we are looking at a Weber-Lani-Getahun-Me foursome on Friday. See you then.

  6. I'm sort of in the camp that both Cape Fears are very interesting/good but also quite flawed. The original is bogged down with the all-too-perfect family whereas the remake tries too hard to make the family a batch of neurotics.

    I do like the Hitchcockian flair of Scorsese's film, though. DeNiro overacts like mad, but somehow I'm fine with it. For one thing, I love seeing DeNiro... in a movie... giving a damn.

    Nolte is, dare I say, more effective in his role than Peck was in the original.

    But, as much as I like DeNiro, I think Mitchum wins in the battle of the onscreen psychopaths.

    And a lot of the Juliette Lewis stuff kind of drags.

    So, it's more or less of a draw between the two films.

  7. Matt, I'll give you "overrated", just maybe not "ridiculously overrated". You can't deny how fun it is to say "Cownselurr" like De Niro.

    I'm still on Pacific time. My jet lag is going to affect my score...

    Thanks for the comparison, Alexander. You're one to know with your incredible breadth of classic films knowledge.

    I like your point about De Niro actually checking in for a role, like full tilt. Goes a long way in explaining why I loved his ridiculousness in last year's Stardust.

    And Nolte, well, he never got the due he deserved back when he was good, save for a couple of Oscar nods in the 90's. Hope he gets a better role one of these days.

  8. i didnt like cape fear at all .

  9. Thanks for visiting anyway, ochometheater. Neither Cape Fear? The original or the remake? Was the accents? Certainly we have many more complaints to list besides Juliette Lewis, overacting, accents and the score...


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