September 17, 2010

Fall Film Festobonanza, Part 4: Twin Cities Black Film Festival, MPLS Project, & Shamrock Film Festival

What: 8th Annual Twin Cities Black Film Festival
Where: TBA
When: October 15 - 17

What: The Minneapolis Project
Where: The Riverview
When: September 30

What: Shamrock Film Festival
Where: Rosemount
When: October 7 - 9

Even more local movie happenings, as follows:

8th Annual Twin Cities Black Film Festival - Not a lot of information out for this yet but the dates and the film lineup. Only a few of the films sound interesting to me, and while all of them happen to be documentaries about racism, I'd submit that they are also the few that feature promising synopses:

Category: Narrative Feature Documentary Feature Experimental
Synopsis: In 1964 a reporter talks to Billy, a 94 year old Black Man about his eventful life as homesteader in Northern Canada. Billy tells him of the racism that he endured, his photography, and of the only woman he ever loved. Billy is the story of one man's constant search for acceptance.

Category: Narrative Feature Documentary Feature Experimental
Synopsis: Produced by Julie Belafonte, this film offers a portrait of the African-American Mardi Gras Indian community of New Orleans struggling to survive in the aftermath of Katrina and government neglect.
Category: Narrative Feature Documentary Feature Experimental
Synopsis: The Science of Race chronicles and analyzes the history of pseudoscience and its promotion of racist ideas that were aimed at African Americans during and after slavery. This documentary takes a hard look at the origins of notions such as race and racism and how many European scientists willingly championed so-called 'scientific data' to justify not only the system of slavery, but the denial of Africans in America the right to membership in the human race.

Category: Short
Synopsis: The story of a group of inner-city African-American high school students examining the reasons why HIV/AIDS so disproportionately impacts African-Americans and Africans more than any other group in the world. Through their journey they learn about the social, cultural and scientific reasons why the disease is so prevalent in their communities and meet people who are living with and affected by the disease while they share some of their own personal stories.

The Minneapolis Project - A one-night only premiere of a film commissioned by Cinema Revolution and described as the local version of Paris, je t'aime (hopefully) or New York, I Love You (hopefully not). Here is the info and trailer:
"The Cinema Revolution Society and IFP Media Arts present THE MINNEAPOLIS PROJECT, a cinematic panorama of life in Minneapolis consisting of 25 new original short films created by 18 Minnesota filmmakers. The projects were initiated by a special commission from Cinema Revolution Society, with each filmmaker developing and producing a narrative film (or films) dedicated to a different Minneapolis neighborhood, landmark or unique place. The concept is similar to recent city-themed "omnibus" films such as "Paris, je t'aime," or "New York, I Love You," but with a decidedly local twist. The mission is to exhibit a cross-section of life and stories on film, and to collectively create a cinematic portrait of Minneapolis.

The filmmakers range in experience from young aspiring directors, to seasoned professionals with festival credentials. All films are newly created works made especially for this project, and will be presented back to back in a feature length screening event at the Riverview Theater in Minneapolis on September 30th 2010 at 7 PM. The event is sponsored and co-presented by IFP Media Arts.

Thursday September 30, 2010, 7 PM - ONE SCREENING ONLY
General Admission: $10. Seniors over 65 and Children under 16: $5 (all tickets available at the door).

Shamrock Film Festival - I was contacted some time ago about this short film festival in Rosemount, though it appears there's little in the way of updated information at this time. Here's what I have:
"The Shamrock Film Festival, now in its third year, has expanded this year to offer three days of film screening, workshops and other events. The event will be held Oct 7 – 9 in Rosemount at the new Steeple Center on Highway 3.
Highlights include a gala opening event on Oct 7, followed by screening of entries and an awards gala. New this year will be workshops for filmmakers and the public to enjoy. The festival has expanded its reach this year to include international entries. All entry information is now available on the website –"
Ah, I do see now there is more information (though not a film lineup) under the "About Us" section of the website.

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