May 18, 2010

A Personal Pause

As has been obvious for the last few months, my work schedule and wedding preparations have caused my movie viewing to plummet like Al Pacino's film career since The Insider. I don't think I've seen a proper new release at the theater for going on three months now, which probably hasn't happened since the early 90's.

Of course my blogging has followed suit, and now, with my wedding and honeymoon upon me, I'm going to take an official hiatus for the next month or so. I'm participating in the White Elephant Blogathon and should have a post up for that on June 15, but I may not be back to full speed here until early July.

While there exists a risk that I will struggle to get back into form upon my return, right now I really look forward to reestablishing my movie routine this summer. Although I've missed a good half of 2010's films, I've been keeping up on news and reviews from fellow bloggers, and I don't think this break will do anything to convince me that life offline will somehow provide a more enriching film experience than I've discovered with so many people online. Thanks to all of you who have been reading for the last three years and have made this a worthwhile hobby.

I'll be back in what I'm sure will feel like a flash.


  1. Having just got married myself last fall, I can totally relate.

    Congratulations dude - go have a great time, we'll mind the store for ya.

  2. Cheers, Hatter. I'll tell you it's been encouraging to see that you've gotten back into the movie grind as a married man. Fortunately my beloved has been supportive of my habit for years.

  3. Happy Weddinging and Honeymooning Daniel. I'm sure I don't have to tell you these are far more important events than any movie or blog.

    Congratulations and best wishes for you and the lovely bride.

  4. Thanks, Craig. I'm particularly looking forward to the Honeymooning part of it (final destination: Turkey), as even foreign films can only stand in for actual travel for so long. I haven't used my passport in like three years and I hope to never go that long again.

  5. I can't wait to hear all about it! Well, you know, the outside parts of it...

  6. Here we go again - many a spouse/significant other has tanked a great blogger's career. Not you too!

    Of course, I'm totally joking and completely understand. I do miss seeing regular writing (and up-to-date reviews) from you, but I can surely wait. Have a great wedding, a tremendous honeymoon, and like Craig said, be sure to come back with many a story for us.

    By the way, I have another entry for your Only in the Movies feature: women having sex with a bra on. Sure, it happens, but christ, not nearly as much as it happens in the movies. Get creative with the editing if you must, but spare us the lace!

    Also: I damn thee for bringing up the answering machine one all those months ago. Only now do I notice it time and again and again...

    Take care, Daniel.

  7. No, not me, too - really, I don't want to end up on the R.I.P. list like you posted yesterday. Thanks for the well wishes.

    I have to wonder what movie made you think of that Only in the Movies example...nonetheless I'll file it away behind a few others I have. And I remain resolute that answering machines in movies are a total sham! But, now with the 80's back in vogue I think we can count on seeing them become trendy in real life again. It's already happened with VHS.

  8. "I have to wonder what movie made you think of that Only in the Movies example"

    Give me a minute and I'll think of any number of examples, but the one that set it over the top the other day was Observe and Report, a movie already filled with nudity, violence and explicity language. And then there's Rogen sexing up a drunken Anna Faris, in her bed, with her top on. My ass...

  9. Oh, you're marrying... awesome!!! Wish you a very happy & prosperous marital life, & conjugal bliss. By the way, I'm sure you're gonna miss bachelorhood, but all good things in life must come to an end sometime or the other ;)

    By the way, loved your open letter to the moguls & producers of Hollywood. Found it very relevant and containing enough humour to keep the addressee reading till the end despite realising he isn't really being praised by you :)

  10. Fletch - ah, Observe and Report. Maybe it can be framed as Only in the Movies: somewhat schlubby guys sexually assault women and it's considered hilarious. But yeah, your point too.

    Shubhajit - Many thanks for your sentiments. One good thing coming to an end, but something presumably better about to begin. Thanks for the nod about the letter, too, but if anyone in Hollywood ever were to read that, I would be shocked if they made it all the way through to the end...

  11. Have fun Daniel and congratulations on the wedding!

  12. As I've stated at WitD your wedding bliss is all that matters, with blogging only a diversion. It has been great exchanging e mails with you for over two years now, and you are a true Prince of a guy who deserves the best!

    I'll be looking forward to your return and hearing any stories you'd be willing to share my good friend!

  13. I have returned and all went very well, Sam, thanks much. Now to slowly...get back up to blogging speed. Slowly...!


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