April 15, 2009

It's Feeding Time, Twin Cities

I know I'm doing a lot of local plugs in the last month, but it's only because there's so much going on 'round here (my apologies to readers outside of the Twin Cities). Just in the next few days you can continue to see Hunger in its exclusive engagement at the Walker Art Center (notable because concessions are prohibited in theater...get it?), North by Northwest at the Heights (if you got in before it sold out!), and of course any of the 140+ movies playing at MSPIFF, beginning Friday evening.

There are a few updates and an invitation I'd like to share specifically about MSPIFF...

Film Goats Grazing Hour: Join Kathie Smith and me for an informal happy hour/gathering this Friday night, April 17, from 5:30 PM-7:00 PM at Pracna on Main, which I didn't realize until this moment is the oldest restaurant in Minneapolis. It's also, depending on where you sit, about 15 feet from the ticket counter at St. Anthony Main, where many of us will be waiting in line over the next two weeks.

Join us for food, drink, and/or just conversation. We hope to do this again during the festival but will try to get a feel of what people's preferences are for times. Anyone reading this is invited and encouraged to bring friends. No RSVP necessary and it doesn't even matter if, like me, you don't happen to be seeing one of the MSPIFF movies on Friday night. Kathie and I are excited about the festival and we'd really like to connect with some of our readers or other bloggers or people who are neither but happen to be sitting next to us on Friday.

And kudos to Kathie for the name of our little group. We, the Film Goats, are hungry for all things film, and we're going to do a lot of indiscriminate grazing over the next two weeks. Join us!

Opening Night: Last week it was announced that the Sundance darling 500 Days of Summer will open the festival tomorrow night. Starring rising star Joseph Gordon-Levitt (Stop-Loss, Brick, The Lookout) and tinkerbell Zooey Deschanel (Yes Man), it proves to be a watchable if not altogether original romantic comedy. A couple of the supporting actors are supposed to be present at the screening. It looks like I might miss it this week, but this will be a must-see for me when it opens later this summer.

Tickets: $15, plus options for entrance to the Opening Night Gala following the movie (note that this screening is at Block E, not St. Anthony Main)

Closing Night: Another American independent film will close the festival - The Brothers Bloom, written and directed by Rian Johnson. I'm skeptical that it will be as original as his last film, Brick, but it's supposed to be a rousing comedy and features a nice cast - Adrien Brody, Rachel Weisz, and Mark Ruffalo. This will also be followed by a Closing Night Party at Seven Sushi. There will even be free food, but I can tell you from last year that it goes quickly, so don't dawdle in the theater after the credits roll!

Tickets (coming soon): $15, plus options for entrance to the Closing Night Party (
(note that this screening is also at Block E, not St. Anthony Main)

Finally, here is a link to the full MSPIFF catalog. It's a big 'ol pdf file but it's your best option since you probably won't get your hands on a hard copy until you show up this weekend.

See you on Friday!

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