June 29, 2008

Back Soon

Wedding #1 is over. I made it through a weekend in Napa Valley without having to pretend like I'm an oenophile. I was almost on "The Real Housewives of Orange County", but that's a different story.

Now I'm back down in the Bay Area, wandering around Berkeley and San Francisco before heading to Las Vegas and then back to the Twin Cities for Wedding #2. Such is summer.

Who knew there was more to Berkeley than protests and an organic lifestyle? Just kidding, this really is a cool place that, in my opinion, suffers from the weight of its reputation. For example, there are three movie theaters within sight here on Shattuck Ave. in Berkeley, a fact that somehow escaped my attention last time I was here. WALL-E is pretty much the only thing I haven't seen, though it is nice to see Up the Yangtze and Encounters at the End of the World already in release here.

It's nice to be back in California for a while.


  1. As somebody who spent much youth in the Bay Area, and attended UC Berkeley, it's an amazing city. I go back as often as I can. Best summer weather in the country.

  2. Why do friends always think it's okay to plan weddings and break up your film viewing/posting. Lousy "love" and it's after-effects!


  3. That's awesome, Christian. Walking around your alma mater's campus, my girlfriend and I agreed this would be a really cool place to go to school. The weather...yeah...not so much a selling point for me right now. I've yet to be able to walk around in shorts and a t-shirt for more than a little while before feeling cold. This can't be normal. It's July and there are other people walking around in hats and jackets. Of course, this is CA, so that means the temp is 50 or 60. I'd counter your best summer weather with San Diego in August, where I lived for a few years. But it's a moot point. It's beautiful here regardless of the temp.

    Haha, right, Whitney? Well I'd almost rather them be during the summer instead of winter Oscar season! At least I'm not missing too many great movies right now.


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